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Oczyszczacz powietrza GOTIE GNA-350 z funkcją nawilżania

Instrukcja obsługi Oczyszczacz powietrza GOTIE GNA-350 z funkcją nawilżania

Nominal Voltage230V ~ 50 Hz
Rated Power: 27W
Water Tank Capacity5.0L
Anti-electric shock ProtectionClass П
Applicable Area30-40m2
Rated Max. Moisture Capacity300ml/h
Large humidifying capacity
Cool mist function
With air purification function, build-in HEPA and active carbon
filters used to purify air
With aroma function
With UV lamp function to kill bacteria in air
Automatically stop working when lifting the water tank
Automatically stop working when runs out of water.
1. Check the voltage carefully to ensure your home power voltage fits
the product.
2. Ensure the plug exactly inserts to the right socket, and only for the
plug without others, Make sure well contact.
3. Take out the plug with hand instead of dragging the wire.
4. Don’t use the product in wet environment, such as bathhouse and
bathroom, it will cause electric shock and fire.
5. Don’t put your hand and appliances on the product to avoid purl or
6. Don’t clean your machine during working or just after working
time to avoid hot water or parts to hurt you.
7. Remove the water tank before move the device.
8. Don’t use the machine exploring to sunshine or closing to heater
9. Please use the wire bought from seller service centre to replace
the damaged wire.
10. Please take off the plug when you clean and wash the machine, or
leave it unused for a long time
11. Don’t touch the plug or wire with the wet hands to avoid creepage
12. Don’t put sundries into the machine
13. Don’t clean the water sink when the water is still hot.
14. Don’t touch the warm mist closely .
15. Keep the machine out of reach of children.
16. When the machine is damaged or couldn’t work normally, Please
take it to our service place for repairing, Don’t disassembly or
assembly by yourself to avoid dangers.
This device is with UV lamp function :
Non-normal uses of the device or damages of the base may cause
leakage of ultraviolet radiation leakage. Ultraviolet radiation may cause
damage to eyes and skin. If the device is obvisesly damages, it is not
allowed to turn on the device.
The replace of UV lamp must be done by manufacturer or
qualified personnel.
See pic. 1
Pictures are for reference only
1. LED display 5. Watertank 8. Power cord
2. Aroma pad 6. Water filter 9. Air filter cover
3. Front panel 7. Water tank cover 10. Air filter
4. Nozzle
1) The working environment for humidifier is when temperature is
between 5 to 40 degrees Celsius, and relative humidity is lower than
2) Use clean water lower than 40 degree ( pure water is recommended)
3) Clean water tank and water flume when use again after a long time.
4) If the machine is used with water filter, it is recommend to soak the
filter for 24 hours before 1st use.
See pic. 2
Power Plug in the power, there is a beep sound, and the machine
comes to the standby mode. Once press this button, the machine start to
work with light on. Press this button again, the machine stops working
and come to the standby mode.
UV lamp Long press this button for 3 seconds to start the UV lamp
function to kill the bacteria in air, press again to stop UV lamp function
Night mode Press this button the machine start night mode, all
display will be dim. Press any key to stop the night mode, and display
light recover.
Mist Level Steam volume can be changed from low to high by
pressing mist level button, press one time the steam volume at low level,
press two times, the steam volume at high level
(1) Get the water tank out of the machine, unscrew the lid and fill the
tank with water, then screw the lid well. Put the water tank on the
machine bodysteadily.
(2) Inspect whether the mist outlet nozzle and handle cover are
assembled well on the water tank.
(3) Plug in the power, and then press the on/off switch, the machine
starts to work.
(4) Follow below steps to use aroma function:
Take out aroma box

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