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Instrukcja obsługi Robot sprzątający IROBOT Roomba Combo J7 (C715840)

This is the safety alert symbol. It is used to alert you to potential physical injury hazards.
Obey all safety messages that follow this symbol to avoid possible injury or death.
WARNING: When using an electrical appliance, basic precautions should always be followed,
including the following:
WARNING: To reduce the risk of injury or damage, read and follow the safety precautions when
setting up, using and maintaining your robot.
This appliance can be used by children aged eight (8) years and above and persons with reduced
physical, sensory or mental capabilities or those with a lack of experience and knowledge if they
have been provided with supervision or instruction concerning the use of the appliance in a safe
way and understand the hazards involved. Children must not play with the appliance. Cleaning
and user maintenance must not be carried out by children without supervision.
Safety information
Important safety instructions
Risk of electric shock Class II equipment Read operator’s
Risk of fire
Do not use outdoors
or on wet surfaces Keep out of reach
of children
General symbol for
Rated power
input, DC
Rated power
output, DC
Separate Supply Unit
Rated power input, AC
This owner’s guide includes information for regulatory model(s):
Robot: RCA-Y1 | Dock: ADI-N1 | Battery: ABL-F | Radio module: AXG-Y1
Clean the (Edge Detection or Cli) Sensor lens and covers on
the bottom of your robot to remove dust and dirt build-up as
If the room to be cleaned contains equipment, such as a stove,
fan or humidifier, remove the equipment before operation. There
is a risk of injury, accident or malfunction if the robot comes into
contact with and pushes the equipment.
Do not use the Mopping Pad Plate as a handle to lift or move
the robot.
Be aware that floors may be slippery after wet cleaning with
your robot.
Do not operate the robot in areas with exposed electrical
sockets in the floor.
Do not use this device to pick up sharp objects, glass or
anything that is burning or smoking.
Be aware that the robot moves on its own. Take care when
walking in the area that the robot is operating in to avoid
stepping on it.
If the device passes over a power cord and drags it, there is a
chance an object could be pulled o a table or shelf. Before
using this device, pick up objects like clothing, loose papers, pull
cords for blinds or curtains, power cords and any fragile objects.
Perform the required maintenance as per the owner’s guide to
ensure safe operation of the robot and Charging Station.
If the robot is operating on a floor with stairs, please remove any
clutter from the top step.
Your robot comes with a region-approved power supply cord and is
designed to only be plugged into a standard household AC power
socket. Do not use any other power supply cord. For replacement
cords, please contact Customer Care to ensure proper selection of
a country-specific power supply cord.
Do not submerge your robot in water.
Do not open your robot except as instructed to install or replace
the battery or to perform required maintenance. Do not open the
integrated dock-charger known as Home Base or Clean Base. There
are no user serviceable parts inside. Refer servicing to qualified
service personnel.
Risk of electric shock, only use indoors in a dry location.
Do not handle your robot or Charging Station with wet hands.
Do not use unauthorised chargers. Use of an unauthorised charger
could cause the battery to generate heat or smoke, catch fire or
Your robot is not a toy. Small children and pets should be supervised
when your robot is operating. Do not sit or stand on your robot or dock.
Store and operate your robot in room-temperature environments
If the room to be cleaned contains a balcony, a physical barrier
should be used to prevent access to the balcony and ensure safe
WARNING: Indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could
result in serious injury or death.
CAUTION: Indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could
result in minor or moderate injury.
Indicates a hazardous situation that, if not avoided, could
result in property damage.
Charging Station is placed at least 4 feet (1.2 metres) away
from stairs.
Do not allow liquids to get on or into the Charging Station.
Only charge the battery that came with your robot. Other types
of batteries may burst, causing injury. Always contact iRobot
Customer Care for the correct replacement of your battery.
The product may not be used with any type of power converter.
Use of power converters will immediately void the warranty.
If you live in an area prone to electrical storms, it is
recommended that you use additional surge protection. Your
Charging Station may be protected with a surge protector in
the event of severe electrical storms.
Do not open, crush, heat above 80°C or incinerate. Follow
the owner’s guide instructions for proper use, maintenance,
handling and disposal.
Do not short-circuit the battery by allowing metal objects to
come into contact with battery terminals or immerse in liquid.
Do not subject batteries to mechanical shock.
Lithium ion batteries and products that contain lithium ion
batteries are subject to stringent transport regulations. If you
need to post this product (with the battery included) for service,
travel or any other reason, you must refer to the Troubleshooting
section of your owner’s guide or contact Customer Care for
postage instructions.
Do not allow your robot or Charging Station to become wet.
Do not place anything on top of your robot.
Failure to maintain cleanliness of Charging Contacts could result
in the loss of ability for the robot to charge the battery and the
Contacts to become hot to the touch.
Before running your robot on hard floors, please test your robot
on a small section of the hard floor to ensure that it is compatible.
Using your robot on a hard floor that is not compatible could result
in damage to your floor. Contact your hard floor manufacturer with
questions about compatibility.
Before running your robot on carpets or rugs, ensure that the
carpets or rugs are compatible with vacuums using bars or brushes.
Using your robot on a carpet or rug that is not compatible could
result in damage to your carpet or rug. Contact your carpet or rug
manufacturer with questions about compatibility.
If the appliance is not working as it should or it has been dropped,
damaged, left outdoors or dropped into water, return it to a service
Do not use a Charging Station with a damaged cord or plug. If the
cord or plug is damaged, it must be replaced.
Always disconnect your robot from the Charging Station before
cleaning or maintaining it.
Only charge your robot with the power supply provided. The
provided power supply delivers a safety extra-low voltage
corresponding to the input marking on the robot, which is required
to maintain safe operation.
To prevent the risk of your robot falling downstairs, ensure that the
This symbol on the battery indicates that the battery must not be
disposed of with unsorted common municipal waste. As the end-
user, it is your responsibility to dispose of the end-of-life battery in
your appliance in an environmentally sensitive manner as follows:
(1) Returning it to the distributor/dealer from whom you
purchased the product or
(2) Depositing it at a designated collection point
The separate collection and recycling of end-of-life batteries at
the time of disposal will help to conserve natural resources and
to ensure that it is recycled in a manner that protects human
health and the environment. For more information, please
contact your local recycling oce or the dealer from whom you
originally purchased the product. Failure to properly dispose of
end-of-life batteries may result in negative potential eects on
the environment and human health due to the substances in the
batteries and accumulators.
Information regarding the eects of problematic substances in the
battery waste stream may be found at the following source:
Periodically inspect the battery pack for any sign of damage or
leakage. Do not charge damaged or leaking battery packs. Do not
allow the liquid to come into contact with skin or eyes. If contact
has been made, wash the aected area with copious amounts
of water and seek medical advice. Place the battery in a sealed
plastic bag and recycle or dispose of safely according to local
environmental regulations or return it to your local authorised
iRobot Service Centre for disposal.
Keep the battery pack clean and dry. Wipe the cell or battery
terminals with a clean dry cloth if they become dirty.
Battery usage by children should be supervised. Seek medical
advice immediately if a cell or a battery has been swallowed.
The battery pack must be removed from the robot before recycling
or disposal.
For best results, only use the Lithium Ion Battery that comes with the
Do not use non-rechargeable batteries. Only use the rechargeable
battery supplied with the product. For replacement, purchase
an identical iRobot battery or contact iRobot Customer Care for
alternative battery options.
Always charge and remove the battery from your robot and
accessories before long-term storage.
Household cleaning products are safe when used and stored
according to the instructions on the label. Always be sure to read
and follow the directions carefully.
Keep away from children
Keep away from eyes. If the product
gets into someone’s eyes, rinse
thoroughly with water
Rinse hands after use
Only use authorised cleaning solutions found on answers.irobot.
For cleaning solution warnings, please refer to the outer box
and solution bottle.
Roomba Combo™ j7 Owner’s guide 1
Top view
Mopping Pad Plate
Wall Follow Sensor Charging
Visual Docking
LED Indicator
Tank Cap
Water Tank
Dust Bin
Home BaseTM Charging Station
About your Roomba Combo™ Robot Vacuum and Mop
Bin Release
Bottom view
Caster Wheel
Cli Sensor
Floor Sensor
Cli Sensors
Floor Sensors
Brush Frame
Release Tab
Brush Caps
Floor Tracking
Cli Sensors
Cli Sensor
Clean Button

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