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Instrukcja obsługi Czajnik TEFAL KI831E z regulacją temperatury

Tefal kettle
Read the instructions for use carefully before using your appliance for the first time: This product
has been designed for indoor, domestic use only. Any commercial use, inappropriate use or failure
to comply with the instructions, the manufacturer accepts no responsibility and the guarantee will
not apply.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by a
person responsible for their safety.
Keep the appliance and its power cord out of reach of children
under 8 years of age.
This appliance may be used by persons with reduced physical,
sensory or mental capabilities, or lack of experience and
knowledge, provided they are supervised or have received
instruction to use the appliance safely and understand the
Children should not use the appliance as a toy.
This appliance may be used by children of at least 8 years of age,
as long as they are supervised and have been given instructions
about using the appliance safely and are fully aware of the
dangers involved. Cleaning and maintenance should not be
carried out by children unless they are at least 8 years of age and
are supervised by an adult.
EN - according to models / RU -
в зависимости от модели /
UK - відповідно до моделей /
CS - v závislosti na modelu / SL - skladno z modeli / SK - v závislosti od modelov / PL - zależnie do modeli /
RO - în funcție de model / HU - a modellektől függően / SR - u zavisnosti od modela / HR - sukladno
modelu / BG -според моделите / LT - atkarībā no modeļiem / LV - priklausomai nuo modelio /
ET - vastavalt mudelile / KK - үлгілерге байланысты
Button to select the temperature 40°C-70°C-80°C-90°C and 100°C.
The previously selected temperature is stored in memory.
Button to start the boil cycle
Keep warm is activated by a long press on or (the lights
around ‘Keep Warm’ pictogram illume). Keep warm function
remains on for 30 minutes.
Your appliance was designed for domestic use only.
It is not intended to be used in the following cases, which are not
covered by the guarantee.
In kitchens reserved for staff use in shops, offices and other
professional environments;
On farms;
By hotel or motel clients, or on other residential premises;
In bed and breakfast accommodation and other similar environments.
Never fill the kettle past the maximum water level mark, nor below
the minimum water level mark.
If the kettle is too full, some water may spray out.
Warning: Never open the lid when the water is boiling.
Your kettle should only be used with its lid locked, with the base
and the anti-scale filter supplied.
Never immerse the kettle, its base or the power cord and plug in
water or any other liquid.
Never use the kettle if the power cord or the plug are damaged.
Always have them replaced by the manufacturer, its after-sales
service or similarly qualified persons in order to avoid danger.
Children should be supervised to ensure that they do not play with
the appliance.
Children should not clean or perform maintenance procedures on
the appliance unless they are supervised by a responsible adult.
WARNING: Be careful to avoid any spillage on the connector
during cleaning, filling or pouring.
Always follow the cleaning instruction to clean your appliance;
Unplug the appliance.
Do not clean the appliance while hot.
Clean with a damp cloth or sponge.
Never immerse the appliance in water or put it under running water.
WARNING: Risks of injuries if you do not use this appliance correctly.
Only use your kettle for boiling drinking water.
WARNING: The heating element surface is subjected to residual
heat after use.
Be sure to manipulate only the handle during heating until
completely cool.
Your appliance is intended for domestic use inside the home only
at an altitude below 1000 m.
The preselected temperatures are given for a product use below an altitude of 1000m. Above
this altitude, the maximum temperature displayed at end of cycle on the product will be the
boiling temperature matching with the altitude of use.
For your safety, this appliance meets applicable standards and regulations (Directives on Low
Voltage, Electromagnetic Compatibility, Materials in contact with food articles, Environment, etc.).
Only plug the appliance into an earthed mains outlet. Check that the voltage indicated on the
rating plate of the appliance corresponds to that of your electrical installation.
Any connection error will invalidate your guarantee.
The guarantee does not cover kettles that fail to operate or operate badly due to a failure to
descale the appliance regularly.
Do not let the power cord hang where children may reach it.
Never disconnect the plug by pulling on the power cord.
Any intervention other than normal cleaning and maintenance by the customer must be
performed by an Approved Service Centre.
All appliances are subject to strict quality control procedures. These include actual usage tests
on randomly selected appliances, which would explain any traces of use.
Never use scouring pads for cleaning purposes.
To remove the scale filter, remove the kettle from its base and leave it to cool down. Do not
remove the filter when the appliance is filled with hot water.*
Do not use any method to descale the kettle other than that recommended.
Keep the kettle and its power cord away from any source of heat, from any wet or slippery
surface and away from sharp edges.
Never use the appliance in a bathroom or close to a water source.
Never use the kettle when your hands or feet are wet.
Always unplug the power cord immediately if you observe any anomaly during operation.
Never pull on the power cord to remove it from the wall socket.
Always remain vigilant when the appliance is on, and in particular be careful of the steam
coming out of the spout which is very hot.
Never leave the power cord hanging from a table top or kitchen counter to avoid any danger of
it falling to the floor.
Never touch the filter* or the lid when the water is boiling.
Also be careful as the body of stainless steel kettles becomes very hot during operation. Only
touch the handle of the kettle.
Never move the kettle when it is in operation.
Protect the appliance from damp and freezing conditions.
Always use the filter* during heating cycles.
Never heat the kettle when it is empty.
Place the kettle and its power cord on a stable, heat proof and water resistant surface.
The guarantee covers manufacturing defects and domestic use only. Any breakage or damage
resulting from a failure to comply with these instructions for use is not covered by the guarantee.
* : depending on model
1. Remove all of the various packaging, stickers or accessories from both the inside and outside of
the kettle.
2. Adjust the length of the cord by winding it under the base. Wedge the cord into the notch. (g 1)
Throw away the water from the first two/three uses as it may contain dust. Rinse the kettle.
Press on the locking system and the lid lifts automatically. (g 2)
To close, press down firmly on the lid.