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Instrukcja obsługi Piekarnik CAMRY CR 6008

CR 6008
(GB) (BIH) upute za rad - 26
(D) bedienungsanweisung - 5 (H) felhasználói kézikönyv - 28
(F) mode d'emploi - 8 (FIN) käyttöopas - 50
(E) manual de uso - 10
(P) manual de serviço - 13 (HR) upute za uporabu - 47
(LT) naudojimo instrukcija - 16 (RUS) инструкция обслуживания-44
(LV) lietošanas instrukcija - 18 (SLO) navodila za uporabo - 42
(EST) kasutusjuhend - 21 (I) istruzioni per l’uso - 54
(CZ) návod k obsluze - 36 (DK) brugsanvisning - 66
(RO) Instrucţiunea de deservire - 23 (UA) інструкція з експлуатації - 60
(GR) οδηγίες χρήσεως - 34 (SR) kорисничко упутство - 57
(SK) používateľská príručka - 63 (S) instruktionsbok - 52
(MK) упатство за корисникот - 3 (PL) instrukcja obsługi - 71
user manual - 3
(NL) handleiding - 39
The warranty conditions are different, if the device is used for commercial purpose.
1.Before using the product please read carefully and always comply with the following
instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages due to any misuse.
2.The product is only to be used indoors. Do not use the product for any purpose that is not
compatible with its application.
3.The applicable voltage is 220-240V, ~50/60Hz. For safety reasons it is not appropriate to
connect multiple devices to one power outlet.
4.Please be cautious when using around children. Do not let the children to play with the
product. Do not let children or people who do not know the device to use it without
5.WARNING: This device may be used by children over 8 years of age and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or persons without experience or
knowledge of the device, only under the supervision of a person responsible for their safety,
or if they were instructed on the safe use of the device and are aware of the dangers
associated with its operation. Children should not play with the device. Cleaning and
maintenance of the device should not be carried out by children, unless they are over 8
years of age and these activities are carried out under supervision.
6.After you are finished using the product always remember to gently remove the plug from
the power outlet holding the outlet with your hand. Never pull the power cable!!!
7.Never put the power cable, the plug or the whole device into the water. Never expose the
product to the atmospheric conditions such as direct sun light or rain, etc.. Never use the
product in humid conditions.
8.Periodically check the power cable condition. If the power cable is damaged the product
should be turned to a professional service location to be replaced in order to avoid
hazardous situations.
9.Never use the product with a damaged power cable or if it was dropped or damaged in any
other way or if it does not work properly. Do not try to repair the defected product yourself
because it can lead to electric shock. Always turn the damaged device to a professional
service location in order to repair it. All the repairs can be done only by authorized service
professionals. The repair that was done incorrectly can cause hazardous situations for the
10.Never put the product on or close to the hot or warm surfaces or the kitchen appliances
like the electric oven or gas burner.
11.Never use the product close to combustibles.
12.Do not let cord hang over edge of counter or touch hot surfaces.
13.Never leave the product connected to the power source without supervision. Even when
use is interrupted for a short time, turn it off from the network, unplug the power.
14.In order to provide additional protection, it is recommended to install residue current
device (RCD) in the power circuit, with residual current rating not more than 30 mA. Contact
professional electrician in this matter.
15. Do not allow moisture to the motor unit.
16. If it is necessary to use an extension cord, use only a grounding pin and adapted to a
current of min 10 A. The other extension cords may overheat. The cable must be positioned
so as to avoid accidental strokes or stumbles on him.
17. The oven should be put on a flat, temperature resistant surface away from flammable
materials (curtains, drapes, wallpaper, etc.). In order to ensure proper air circulation there
should be at least 10 cm of free space on each side of the unit and at least 30 cm above the
oven. Do not cover the ventilation holes of the oven, as this may cause overheating
and damage.
18. Do not use the oven with the door open. Do not cover the machine during operation, nor
put any items.
19. Do not touch the hot surfaces of the oven (door, top or bottom wall and side
walls). Use protective gloves to remove or touch any hot parts.
20. During operation, door glass becomes extremely hot. It must not be heavily hit, or pour
cold water because of the risk of its crack.
21. The power cord can be installed over an oven, and should not touch or be near hot
surfaces. Do not place the oven under the electrical outlet.
22. Due to the high temperature keep special carefulness when removing tray or grate (or
other accessories approved for use in ovens) with baked dishes. Please be careful, when
removing the tray or hot oil or other hot liquids. Use dedicated accessories offered with the
oven or heat-resistant oven gloves.
23. Oversized food must not be inserted, as this may cause fire and damage the appliance.
24. Do not place any cardboard, paper, plastics and other flammable or easily melt objects in
the oven.
25. Do not store any other accessories in the appliance.
26. After cooking and before cleaning the machine, unplug the power cord from the outlet
and leave to cool. Wait a long period of time because the heated oven cools very slowly.
27. Clean the device after each use.
28. Do not use corrosive detergents such as emulsions, creams, pastes, etc. to clean the
casing. They can wipe off the graphic signs on the surface such as scales, marks, warning
signs etc.
29. Do not wash metal parts in the dishwasher, as the corrosive detergents used in these
devices cause darkening of the above parts. It is recommended to wash them by hand, using
traditional dishwashing liquids.
30. To avoid overheating of the oven the crumb tray or any other part of the oven should not
be cover with a metal foil.
31. Do not use metal scouring pads to clean. Broken metal pieces may come into contact
with electrical parts, creating a risk of electric shock.
1. Temperature adjustment knob 2. Heating mode selection knob / power button /
3. Housing 4. Timer
5. Indicator lamp 6. Handle for opening glass door
7. Baking tray 8. Grill
9. Rotary spit axis 10. Tray removal handle
11. Spit removal handle 12. Spit jaws (2 pairs)
- Make sure the oven is placed on high-temperature resistant base
- Make sure there Is enough ventilation space around oven (minimum 10 cm on each side and 30 cm above the oven)
- Make sure the oven is dry
1. Set temperature adjustment knob (1) to the desired value.
2. Set the heating mode selection knob (2) in position:
4. Set timer (4) to required baking time. A bell is rung upon reaching required baking time.
5. In order to switch the device off before the time has run out, rotate heating mode selection knob (2) knob to "OFF"
6. Always unplug the power cable from the power outlet after use.
1. Put one pair of jaws on the axis sharp side, then slide onto the axis.
2. Impale such prepared spit (9) into the center part of the product to be baked, stick the spit jaws (12) in the product.
3. Put in second pair of jaws, and stick them from other side, "closing" the product on the spit axis.
4. Check that the fixed product is located centrally along spit axis.
5. Place the square end of the spit in the spit drive coupling on the right-hand side of oven heating chamber, and place sharp end in the
bearing on left-hand side.
6. Set temperature adjustment knob (1) to the desir
plug the power
cable from the power outlet after use.
9. Before removing product baked on spit, wait a moment to allow the device to cool. Then grab the spit axis using spit removal handle (11).
First raise left side, and slide to the left, so that right axle end leaves the drive coupling. Then, carefully remove baked meal from the oven.
- Both upper and lower + fan (2a) - Both upper and lower (2c) - upper + rotary spit (2d)
- Upper + fan (2b) - Both upper and lower, rotary spit and fan (2e)
ed value (for example 200°C)
7. Turn the oven on using theating mode selection knob (2e), the lamp (5) will illuminate. Set the desired baking time.(4)
8. After the baking time runs out, switch the oven off by rotating the heating mode selection knob (2) to "OFF"(2f). Always un
To protect your environment: please separate carton boxes and plastic bags and dispose them in corresponding waste bins.
Used appliance should be delivered to the dedicated collecting points due to hazarsous components, which may effect the
environment. Electrical appliance must be returned in order to reduce its reuse and utilization. If the device contains batteries
they should be delivered to dedicated points separatelly.
1. Open oven door.
4. Set temperature adjustment knob (1)
5. Set the desired baking time with the knob (4).
6. After the baking, switch the oven off by rotating theating mode selection knob (2) to "OFF remove the power plug from the
power socket.
7. Wait a moment, nad remove grill with baked products carefully using special heat-resistant gloves.
1. Before cleaning of the oven switch it off and leave to cool.
2. Disconnect the device from power source by removing power plug from the power socket.
3. Do not immerse the oven in water.
4. Clean the casing with moist cloth, and then wipe dry.
5. Clean the tray and grill in water with washing-up liquid. Wipe dry using cloth.
6. Clean the glass door with moist cloth or sponge soaked with water and washing-up liquid. Then wipe dry.
7. Do not use sharp metal tools to clean the residues of baked products.
Power supply: 220-240V ~50/60Hz
Timer: 60 min.
Power Nom.: 2200W
Power MAX.:3000W
Capacity: 63 L
2. Place grill (8) in the oven, place products to be grilled on the grill or dish with food, and close the oven door.
3. Set the heating mode selection knob (2b)
"(2f), and
Bei Verwendung des Gerätes zu gewerblichen Zwecken werden die Garantiebedingungen
1.Vor dem ersten Gebrauch, die Bedienungsanleitung lesen und die dort angegebenen
Hinweise beachten. Der Produzent trägt keine Verantwortung für Schäden, die aufgrund von
bestimmungswidriger Nutzung oder unsachgemäßer Bedienung entstanden sind.
2.Das Gerät ist nur für den Hausgebrauch verwendet. Verwenden Sie es nicht für andere
Zwecke als den bestimmungsgemäßen Gebrauch.
3.Das Gerät ausschließlich an die Steckdose 220-240V ~50/60Hz anschließen. Es darf
nicht zu anderen, bestimmungswidrigen Zwecken benutzt werden. Wegen
Vorsichtsmaßnahmen, sollten keine weiteren Geräte an den gleichen Stromkreis
angeschlossen werden.
4.Falls sich Kinder in der Nähe befinden, sollte bei der Nutzung des Gerätes spezielle
Vorsicht bewahrt werden. Dieses Gerät ist nicht zum Spielen für Kinder, sowie für
Erwachsene, die sich mit der Bedienungsanleitung nicht vertraut gemacht haben, geeignet.
5.WARNHINWEIS: Dieses Gerät kann von Kindern im Alter von über 8 Jahren sowie von
Personen von einer beschränkten körperlichen, sensorischen, psychischen Fähigkeit oder
von Personen, die keine Erfahrung oder kein Kenntnisse von dem Gerät haben, nur dann
genutzt werden, wenn die Nutzung unter Aufsicht einer Person, welche die Verantwortung
für deren Sicherheit trägt, stattfindet oder diesen Personen Ratschläge bezüglich der
sicheren Benutzung des Geräts erteilt wurden und sie sich den mit seiner Benutzung
verbundenen Gefahren bewusst sind. Kinder dürfen nicht mit dem Gerät spielen. Die
Reinigung und die Unterhaltung des Geräts dürfen nicht von Kindern durchgeführt werden,
es sei denn, dass diese Kinder im Alter von über 8 Jahren sind und diese Tätigkeiten unter
Aufsicht durchgeführt werden.
6.Nach der Benutzung, den Stecker aus der Steckdose ziehen und dabei die Steckdose mit
der Hand festhalten. NIEMALS am Kabel ziehen.
7.Das Kabel, die Buchse, sowie das ganze Gerät nicht in Wasser oder andere Flüssigkeiten

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