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Instrukcja obsługi Żelazko CAMRY CR 5026

(GB) user manual (D) bedienungsanweisung
(F) mode d'emploi (E) manual de uso
(P) manual de serviço (LT) naudojimo instrukcija
(LV) lietošanas instrukcija (EST) kasutusjuhend
(RO) Instrucţiunea de deservire (BIH/HR) upute za rad
(H) felhasználói kézikönyv (PL) instrukcja obsługi
CR 5026
The warranty conditions are different, if the device is used for commercial purpose.
1. Before using the product please read carefully and always comply with the following
instructions. The manufacturer is not responsible for any damages due to any misuse.
2. The product is only to be used indoors. Do not use the product for any purpose that is not
compatible with its application.
3. The appliacable voltage is 230V, ~50Hz. For safety reasons it is not appropriate to
connect multiple devices to one power outlet.
4. Please be cautious when using around children. Do not let the children to play with the
product. Do not let children or people who do not know the device to use it without
5. WARNING: This device may be used by children over 8 years of age and persons with
reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or persons without experience or
knowledge of the device, only under the supervision of a person responsible for their
safety, or if they were instructed on the safe use of the device and are aware of the
dangers associated with its operation. Children should not play with the device. Cleaning
and maintenance of the device should not be carried out by children, unless they are
over 8 years of age and these activities are carried out under supervision.
6. After you are finished using the product always remember to gently remove the plug from
the power outlet holding the outlet with your hand. Never pull the power cable!!!
7. Never leave the product connected to the power source without supervision.
8. Never put the power cable, the plug or the whole device into the water. Never expose the
product to the atmospheric conditions such as direct sun light or rain, etc.. Never use the
product in humid conditions.
9. Periodically check the power cable condition. If the power cable is damaged the product
should be turned to a professional service location to b e replaced in order to avoid
hazardous situations.
10. Never use the product with a damaged power cable or if it was dropped or damaged in
any other way or if it does not work properly. Do not try to repair the defected product
yourself because it can lead to electric shock. Always turn the damaged device to a
professional service location in order to repair it. All the repairs can be done only by
authorized service professionals. The repair that was done incorrectly can cause
hazardous situations for the user.
11. Never put the product on or close to the hot or warm surfaces or the kitchen appliances
like the electric oven or gas burner.
12. Never use the product close to combustibles.
Even when
use is interrupted for a short time, turn it off from the network, unplug the power.
13. Do not let cord hang over edge of counter.
14. Do not immerse the motor unit in water.
If it is necessary to use an extension cord, use only with the grounding terminal and
adapted to a current minimum of 10 A. The other ("weak") extension cords can overheat.
The cable should be arranged to avoid accidental strokes or stumbles over it.
16. Always, before filling with water or when the steam iron is not used, unplug it from the
17. Touching a hot soleplate, contact with hot steam or water may cause burns. Be careful
when you rotate the iron, as in the tank, even when disconnected from the power supply
iron, may still be in hot water.
18. DO NOT allow for prolonged contact hot steam iron with fabric or flammable materials.
19. Be careful that the power cord does not touch the hot soleplate. Allow the iron to cool
completely before storage.
20. If you do not use iron, even for a short time, turn off the options of steam
21. Under no circumstances should be ironed clothes and fabrics that are on humans or
22. Never direct the steam to humans or pets.
23. Use self-cleaning function at least once a month.
24. Iron must be used at a stable even surface and this can only be disposed of.
25. Do not fill the water tank with chemicals, perfumes or descaling substance.
A. Spray nozzle B. The water inlet hole
C. Steam Control Lever D. Spray button
E. “Steam blast” button F. Power Cord
G. Rotary cable gland H. Thermostat indicator light
I. Thermostat knob - temperature control J. detachable power cord end
K. water tank L. soleplate
M.. 3-position switch of lock of cord end: N. Self-clean button
1 - wireless
2 - storage
3 - wired ironing
ANTI-CALC function
A special resin filter inside the water reservoir softens the water and prevents scale build-up in the plate. The resin filter is permanent and
does not need replacing.
PLEASE NOTE: Use tap water only. Distilled and/demineralised water makes the “Zero-Calc” anti-calc system ineffective by altering its
physicochemical characteristics.
The plate may cool down to the point where no more steam comes out, but rather drops of boiling water that can leave marks or stains.
Self-Clean Function
It is recommended that you periodically use the soleplate Self-Clean function which prevents scale build-up in your iron. In order to do this,
fill your iron entirely with water, sit it on its heel, connect to the mains and set the thermostat to "MAX". When the control light goes out,
disconnect the device from the mains and hold it in a horizontal position, e.g. over a sink. Press the Self-Clean button (N) and hold the iron
for about a minute, shaking it. When it cools down, clean the soleplate with a moist cloth to remove any dirt.
1. For wired ironing set the switch (M) in position 3.
2. For wireless ironing set the switch (M) in position 1. While wireless ironing it's advisable to periodically deposit iron on the base in order
to re-heat. If the iron is properly deposited the thermostat lamp will light up (H) and it will turn off when the desired temperature is reached.
First use
When using the iron for the first time, you may notice a slight emission of smoke and hear some sounds made by the expanding plastics. This is
quite normal and it stops after a short time. We also recommend passing the iron over an ordinary cloth when using it for the first time.
Sort the laundry to be ironed according to the international symbols on the garment label, or if this is missing, according to the type of fabric.
synthetic ·
low temperature
silk - wool ··
medium temperature
Cotton - linen ···
high temperature
Fabric not to be ironed
Start ironing the garments requiring a low temperature.
This reduces the waiting times (the iron takes less time to heat up than to cool down) and eliminates the risk of scorching the fabric.
Check that the plug is disconnected from the socket. Move the steam selector (C) to “0” . Open the lid (B). Raise the tip of the iron to help
the water enter the opening without overflowing. Slowly pour the water into the reservoir using the special measure and taking care not to
go over the maximum level (about 300ml) indicated by “MAX” on the reservoir. Close the lid (B). Place the iron in a vertical position. Plug
it to the electricity. Set the thermostat knob in accordance with the international symbol on the cloth’s labels. Thermostat control light
indicates that the iron heats up. Wait until the indicator light off. You can then start ironing.
Warning: When you ironing, the thermostat control light turns on from time to time, this means that the selected temperature is maintained
at a constant level. If you decrease temperature, do not begin ironing again until the thermostat light does not light up.
Warning: The iron gives off steam continuously only if you hold the iron horizontally. You can stop the continuous steam by placing the
iron in a vertical position or by moving the steam selector to “0”. As indicated on the thermostat knob (I) and in the initial table, you can
only use steam at the highest temperatures. If the selected temperature is too low, water may drip onto the plate.
Selecting shot-steam (E) and steam when ironing vertically
Press the steam blast button to cause rapid ejection of a strong jet of steam, which easily penetrates the fabric and can smooth out most
wrinkles. Wait a few seconds before re-use this button.
Warning: for delicate fabrics, we recommend moistening the fabric before ironing using the spray function (D), or putting a damp cloth
between the iron and the fabric. To avoid staining, do not use the spray on silk or synthetic fabrics.
Disconnect the plug of the iron from the socket. Empty the reservoir by turning the iron upside down and gently shaking it. Leave the iron
to cool down completely.
1. We recommend using the lowest temperatures with fabrics that have unusual finishes (sequins, embroidery, flush, etc.).
2. If the fabric is mixed (e.g. 40% cotton 60% synthetics), set the thermostat to the temperature of the fibre requiring the lower
3. If you don't know the composition of the fabric, determine the suitable temperature by testing on a hidden corner of the garment. Start
with a low temperature and increase it gradually until it reaches the ideal temperature.
4. Never iron areas with traces of perspiration or other marks: the heat of the plate fixes the stains on the fabric, making them irremovable.
5. The size is more effective if you use a dry iron at a moderate temperature: excess heat scorches it with the risk of forming a yellow
6. To avoid marking silk, woolen or synthetic garments shiny, iron them inside out.
7. To avoid marking velvet garments shiny, iron in one direction (following the fibre) and do not press down on the iron.
8. The heavier the washing machine is loaded, the more garments come out creased. This also happens when the spin drying revolutions
are very high.
9. Many fabrics are easier to iron if they are not completely dry.
Using steam boost button (at the correct time between of use) can also be ironed iron in a vertical position (curtains, hanging clothes, etc.).
Warning: The Shot of steam function can be used only at the highest temperatures. Do not use the button when thermostat indicator lits.
You can return to the vertical ironing only if the pilot light goes out.
Ironing without steam
To ironing without steam, turn steam regulation lever (C) to 0 position.
Spray function
Make sure that the water tank (K) is filled with water. Press the spray button (D), slow (to launch a compact stream of water) or fast (to get
Voltage: 220-240 V~50/60 Hz
Power: 2200 W
Max: 3000 W Device is made in class I of insulation and has to be connected only to power outlet with ground circuit.
Device is compliant with EU directives:
- Low voltage directive (LVD)
- Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC)
Device marked CE mark on rating label
To protect your environment: please separate carton boxes and plastic bags and dispose them in corresponding waste
bins. Used appliance should be delivered to the dedicated collecting points due to hazarsous components, which may
effect the environment. Do not dispose this appliance in the common waste bin.

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