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Żelazko MAESTRO MR-318 Biało-niebieski

Instrukcja obsługi Żelazko MAESTRO MR-318 Biało-niebieski

Owners manual. Travel Steam iron
Bedienungsanleitung. Doppelvoltage
Instrukcji obsługi. Żelazko podróżne
Manualul proprietarului. Fier de călcat
Руководство по эксплуатации. Дорожный утюг
Керівництво з експлуатації. Дорожня праска
Model/Модель: MR318C
Сerticated in Ukraine
Виріб сертифіковано в Україні
Pictures/ Bilder/Rysunki/ Figuri/ Рисунки/ Малюнки
Description of the appliance___________________________________________3
Konstrukcja urządzenia_______________________________________________15
Structura produsului____________________________________________________21
Устройство прибора____________________________________________________28
Склад приладу________________________________________________________34
Dear customer, we thank you for purchase of goods
Functionality, design and conformity to the quality standards guarantee to you reliability
and convenience in use of this device.
Please read and comply with these original instructions prior to the initial operation of your
appliance and store them for later use of subsequent owners.
Travel iron is engineered for periodic convenient use in travel and it is not engineered for
continious domestic or commercial use.
Under condition of observance of user regulations and a special-purpose designation,
a parts of appliance do not contain unhealthy substances.
Technical specications
Model MR318
Electrical supply:
Alternating current- AC;
Rated voltage: 220-240V;
Rated frequency: 50Hz;
Max power: 1200 W; Rated power: 1000 W;
Protective class I
Protection class IPX0
Operating modes: dry ironing, steam ironin.
Addition functions:
«Burst or Steam shot» This function provides an extra amount of steam to remove
stubborn wrinkles.
«Vertical Steam» this function allows to steam clothes or curtains in vertical position.
Please note:
Use tap water only. Distilled and/demineralised water makes the «Zero-Calc” anti-calc
system ine󰀨ective by altering its physicochemical characteristics.
Do not use chemical additives, scented substances or decalciers. Failure to comply with
the above-mentioned regulations leads to the loss of guarantee.
Description of the appliance
Picture1 (Illustrations on page 2)
1 - Power cord
2 - Handle with water reservoir
3 - Folding handle button
4 - Housing
5 - Sole plate with holes for steam
6 - Steam/dry and self-cleaning adjustment knob
7 - Thermostat adjustment knob
8 - Temperature control light
9 - Maximum water level
10 -Shot steam button
11- Filler door
Safety instructions
When using your appliance, basic safety precautions should always be followed,
including the following:
NEVER immerse the iron, cable or plug in any liquid.
NEVER touch the appliance with wet or damp hands.
ALWAYS disconnect iron from electrical outlet when lling with water or emptying and when
not in use.
Otherwise, there is a risk to get an electric shock!
DO NOT let children or untrained persons use the appliance without supervision.
DO NOT leave the hot iron touching fabrics or very inammable surfaces.
DO NOT leave the appliance unnecessarily plugged in. Disconnect the plug from the mains
when the appliance is not being used.
DO NOT use the power cord or the appliance in order to pull the plug out of the socket.
DO NOT leave the appliance exposed to the weather (rain, sun, etc. ).
DO NOT leave the iron without supervision when it is connected to the power supply.
- Use iron only for its intended use.
- To protect against a risk of electric shock, do not immerse the iron in water or other
- The iron should always be turned to ‘ O󰀨 ’ before plugging or unplugging from outlet.
Never yank cord to disconnect from outlet; instead, grasp plug and pull to disconnect.
- Do not allow cord to touch hot surfaces. Let iron cool completely before putting away.
Loop cord loosely around iron when storing.
- Do not operate iron with a damaged cord or if the iron has been dropped or damaged.
To avoid the risk of electric shock, do not disassemble the iron take it to a qualied
serviceman for examination and repair. Incorrect reassembly can cause a risk of electric
shock when the iron is used.
- Close supervision is necessary for any appliance being used by or near children.
Do not leave iron unattended while connected or on an ironing board.
- Burns can occur from touching hot metal parts, hot water, or steam. Use caution when
you turn a steam iron upside down - there may be hot water in the reservoir.
- Do not use it for commercial purpose.
Please note! Do not use chemical additive, scented substances or decalciers. Failure to
comply with the above-mentioned regulations leads to the loss of guarantee.
Vor dem Anfang der Arbeit, drücken Sie die Schaltäche (3/Abb.1) und heben Sie den Gri󰀨
nach oben, bis sie in der Arbeitslage sicher festgelegt werden wird. Nach der Nutzung des
Schildes kann man den Gri󰀨 für Einsparung des Raumes, mit der Schaltäche gedrückt,
Before the rst use remove a protective lm (at presence) from an iron sole.
Make sure that all the parts of appliance don’t have damages.
Please note! When using the iron for the rst time, you may notice a slight emission of
smoke and hear some sounds made by the expanding plastics. This is quite normal and it
stops after a short time. We also recommend passing the iron over an ordinary cloth before
using it for the rst time.
Soft the laundry to be ironed according to the international symbols on the garment label,
or if this is missing, according to the type of fabric.
Table 1
Start ironing the garments requiring a low temperature.
This reduces the waiting times (the iron takes less time to heat up than to cool down) and
eliminates the risk of scorching the fabric.
Signs on labels Type of fabric Thermostat positions
Low temperature
Silk - wool ●●
Medium temperature
Cotton - linen ●●●
High temperature
Fabric not to be ironed

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