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Instrukcja obsługi Okap SEENERGY Telescopica Touch 60 WH

COOKER HOOD - User instructions
ODSAVAČ PAR-Návod k použití
EMHÆTTE - Brugervejledning
ELSZÍVÓ KÜRTŐ - Használati utasítás
AVTREKKSKAPPE - Bruksanvisning
OKAP ZASYSAJĄCY - Instrukcja obsługi
HOTĂ ASPIRANTĂ - Manual de utilizare
ВЫТЯЖНОЙ КОЛПАК - Руководство пользователя
SPISKÅPA - Bruksanvisning
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- 2 -
Ø 25mm  L85- E14  40W
Ø 35mm - E14  28W
 
- 3 -
 
- 4 -
Carefully read the following important information regarding
installation safety and maintenance. Keep this information
booklet accessible for further consultations. The appliance
has been designed for use in the ducting version (air exhaust
to the outside - Fig.3A), filtering version (air circulation on the
inside - Fig.3B) or with external motor (Fig.3C).
1. Take care when the cooker hood is operating simultane-
ously with an open fireplace or burner that depend on the air
in the environment and are supplied by other than electrical
energy, as the cooker hood removes the air from the environ-
ment which a burner or fireplace need for combustion. The
negative pressure in the environment must not exceed 4Pa
(4x10-5 bar). Provide adequate ventilation in the environment
for a safe operation of the cooker hood. Follow the local laws
applicable for external air evacuation.
Before connecting the model to the electricity network:
- Control the data plate (positioned inside the appliance)
to ascertain that the voltage and power correspond to the
network and the socket is suitable. If in doubt ask a qualified
- If the power supply cable is damaged, it must be replaced
with another cable or a special assembly, which may be
obtained direct from the manufacturer or from the Technical
Assistance Centre.
- This device must be connected to the supply network
through either a plug fused 3A or hardwired to a 2 fase spur
protected by 3A fuse.
2. Warning!
In certain circumstances electrical appliances may be a
danger hazard.
A) Do not check the status of the filters while the cooker
hood is operating.
B) Do not touch bulbs or adjacent areas, during or straight
after prolonged use of the lighting installation.
C) Flambè cooking is prohibited underneath the cooker
D) Avoid free flame, as it is damaging for the filters and a
fire hazard.
E) Constantly check food frying to avoid that the over-
heated oil may become a fire hazard.
F) Disconnect the electrical plug prior to any maintenance.
G) This appliance is not intended for use by young children
or infirm persons without supervision.
H) Young children should be supervised to ensure they do
not play with the appliance.
I) There shall be adequate ventilation of the room when
the rangehood is used at the same time as appliances
burning gas or other fuels.
L) There is a risk of fire if cleaning is not carried out in
accordance with the instructions.
This appliance conforms to the European Directive EC/2002/96,
Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE). By making
sure that this appliance is disposed of in a suitable manner, the
user is helping to prevent potential damage to the environ-
ment or to public health.
The symbol on the product or on the accompanying
paperwork indicates that the appliance should not be
treated as domestic waste, but should be delivered to
a suitable electric and electronic appliance recycling collection
point. Follow local guidelines when disposing of waste. For
more information on the treatment, re-use and recycling of
this product, please contact your local authority, domestic
waste collection service or the shop where the appliance was
by specialised personnel.
- The appliance has been manufactured as a class II, therefore
no earth cable is necessary. The plug must be easily acces-
sible after the installation of the appliance. If the appliance
is equipped with power cord without plug, a suitably di-
mensioned omnipolar switch with 3 mm minimum opening
between contacts must be fitted between the appliance and
the electricity supply in compliance with the load and current
- The connection to the mains is carried out as follows:
BROWN = L line
BLUE = N neutral.
If the hob is electric, gas, or induction, the minimum distance
between the same and the lower part of the hood must be
at least 65 cm. If a connection tube composed of two parts is
used, the upper part must be placed outside the lower part.
Do not connect the cooker hood exhaust to the same con-
ductor used to circulate hot air or for evacuating fumes from
other appliances generated by other than an electrical source.
Before proceeding with the assembly operations, remove the
anti-grease filter(s) (Fig.4) so that the unit is easier to handle.
- In the case of assembly of the appliance in the suction version
prepare the hole for evacuation of the air.
We recommend the use of an air exhaust tube which has the
same diameter as the air exhaust outlet hole. If a pipe with
a smaller diameter is used, the efficiency of the product may
be reduced and its operation may become noisier.
If your appliance has been designed for use in habitations
supplied with acentralised suction device perform the follow-
ing operations:
- The switch controls opening and closure of a valve using
a thermoelectical device. By placing the switch in the ON
position, after a minute, the valve opens rotating 90° allow-
ing suction of the stale air. By placing the switch in the OFF
position, the valve closes after 100 seconds.
The following instruction should be followed to carry out the
correct installation of the cooker hood:
1. Mounting of the cooker hood on the lower side of the
2. Selection of the version (extraction Fig.3A or filtration
Fixing the hood to the lower part of the wall cabinet:
This type of appliance must be fitted inside a cabinet or inside
another type of support structure. To fix it in place, use 4 screws
- 5 -

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