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Instrukcja obsługi Grill elektryczny TEFAL GC7228 OptiGrill+ XL z automatycznymi programami

Instructions for use - Инструкция по эксплуатации-
Інструкція з використання - Instrukcja użytkowania-
Pokyny k použití - Návod na použitie - Használati
útmutató- Инструкции за употреба - Upute za uporabu-
Instrucţiuni de utilizare - Navodila za uporabo - Uputstvo
za upotrebu- Uputstvo za upotrebu - Kasutusjuhend -
Naudojimoinstrukcija - Lietošanas instrukcija
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Use, maintenance and product installation guidelines: for
your own safety, please read through all paragraphs of the
instruction manual including the associated pictograms.
This appliance is intended for indoor, domestic household use
only. It is not intended to be used in the following applications,
and the guarantee will not apply for:
- staff kitchen areas in shops, offices and other working
- farm houses;
- by clients in hotels, motels and other residential type
- bed and breakfast type environments.
Before first use remove all packaging materials, stickers and
accessories from the inside and the outside of the appliance.
This appliance is not intended for use by persons (including
children) with reduced physical, sensory or mental capabilities, or
lack of experience and knowledge, unless they have been given
supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance by an adult
responsible for their safety. Children should be supervised to ensure
that they do not play with the appliance, and do not use as a toy.
This appliance can be used by children aged from 8 years and
above and persons with reduced physical, sensory or mental
capabilities or lack of experience and knowledge if they have been
given supervision or instruction concerning use of the appliance in
a safe way and understand the hazards involved. Cleaning and user
maintenance shall not be made by children unless they are older
than 8 and supervised.
Keep the appliance and its cord out of reach of children less than
8 years.
Never leave the appliance unattended when in use.
Accessible surface temperatures can be high when the appliance
is operating. Never touch the hot surfaces of the appliance.
This appliance is not intended to be operated by means of an
external timer or separate remote-control system.
Fully unwind the power cord before plugging in the appliance.
If the power supply cord is damaged, it must be replaced by the
manufacturer or its after sales service in order to avoid any danger.
Do not use an extension lead. If you accept liability for doing so,
only use an extension lead which is in good condition, has a plug
with an earth connection and is suited to the power rating of
the appliance. Take all necessary precautions to prevent anyone
tripping over an extension cord.
Always plug the appliance into an earthed socket.
Make sure that the electric power supply is compatible with the
power rating and voltage indicated on the bottom of the appliance.
Use a sponge, hot water and washing up liquid to clean the
cooking plates.
Never immerse the appliance, its power cord or plug in water or
any other liquid.
WARNING: Do not heat or pre-heat without the 2 cooking plates
inside the grill.
Read the instructions carefully, common to different versions depending on the
accessories supplied with your appliance, and keep them within reach.
If an accident occurs, rinse the burn immediately with cold water and call a doctor if necessary.
Before first use, wash the plates (see paragraph 5), pour a little cooking oil onto the plates and wipe with a soft cloth
or paper kitchen towel.
Position the power cord carefully, whether an extension is used or not, so that guests can move freely around the
table without tripping over it.
Cooking fumes may be dangerous for animals which have a particularly sensitive respiratory system, such as birds.
We advise bird owners to keep them away from the cooking area.
Always keep the appliance out of the reach of children.
Check that both faces of the plate are clean before use.
To prevent damage to the plates, only use them on the appliance for which they were designed (e.g., do not place in
an oven, on the gas ring or electric hot-plate, etc.).
Ensure that the plates are stable, well positioned and correctly clipped to the appliance. Only use the plates provided
with the appliance or bought from an Approved Service Centre.
Always use a wooden or plastic spatula to avoid damaging the cooking plates.
Only use parts or accessories provided with the appliance or bought from an Approved Service Centre. Do not use
them for other appliances or intention.
Do not
Do not use the appliance outside.
Never leave the appliance unattended when plugged in or in use.
To prevent the appliance from overheating, do not place it in a corner or below a wall cupboard.
Never place the appliance directly on a fragile surface (glass table, tablecloth, varnished
furniture, etc.) or on a soft surface such as a tea-towel.
Never place the appliance under a cupboard attached to a wall or a shelf or next to
inflammable materials such as blinds, curtains or wall hangings.
Never place the appliance on or near hot or slippery surfaces; the power cord must never be close
to or in contact with hot parts of the appliance, close to a source of heat or resting on sharp edges.
Do not place cooking utensils on the cooking surfaces of the appliance.
Never cut food directly on the plates,
Do not use metal scouring pads, abrasive wire wool or harsh scouring powder as this may
damage the nonstick coating.
Do not move the appliance when in use.
Do not carry the appliance by the handle or metallic wires.
Never run the appliance empty.
Do not use aluminium foil or other objects between the plate and the food being cooked.
Do not remove the grease collection tray while cooking. If the grease collection tray
becomes full when cooking: let the appliance cool down before emptying.
Do not place the hot plate on a fragile surface or under water.
To preserve the non-stick properties of the coating, avoid excessive pre-heating with the
appliance empty.
The plates should never be handled when hot.
Do not cook food in aluminium foil.
To avoid spoiling your appliance, do not use flambé recipes in connection with it at any time.
Do not place a sheet of aluminum or any other object between the plates and the heating element.
Never heat or cook whilst the grill is open.
Never heat up the appliance without the cooking plates.
Thank you for buying this appliance, which is intended for domestic use only.
For your safety, this appliance complies with the applicable standards and regulations - Low voltage
directive - Electromagnetic compatibility - The environment - Materials in contact with food.
On first use, there may be a slight odour and a little smoke during the first few minutes.
Our company has an ongoing policy of research and development and may modify these
products without prior notice.
Do not consume foodstuff that comes into contact with the parts marked with logo .
If the food is too thick, the safety system will stop the appliance from working.
The resistance can not be cleaned. If it is really dirty, wait for complete cooling and rub
with a dry cloth.
Environment protection first!
Your appliance contains valuable materials which can be recovered or
Leave it at a local civic waste collection point.

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